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Do you want to Break Free?

Are you in despair over past pain, trauma, abuse, depression, unfulfilled dreams and desires, relationship difficulties, repeated bad luck, and the general stresses of life?

Do you suffer from chronic illness, dis-ease, pain, or weight problems?

Have conventional therapies or fad diets failed you?

Do you wish you could just escape?

The tools available here at Neu Lyf could be the keys to your new-found freedom.

Book a free no-obligation half-hour initial consultation now! (In-person and world-wide Skype sessions are available.)

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Take Control of your Emotional and Physical Well-being

Emotional and physical dis-ease often has complex emotional and physical roots.

The mind-body connection described by ancient Eastern philosophies is being confirmed by modern science, and it is therefore essential for human health and happiness that we learn to take care of our physical, emotional, and mental states.

Neu Lyf offers effective methods to release past trauma and current stresses, break patterns of self-sabotaging behaviour, make permanent health-promoting life-style changes, and set you on a new course.

Find out more about our services by clicking the ‘Learn More’ buttons or watching the Neu Lyf ‘Video Introduction’ below:

Now is a great time to begin again… Take the first step! Talk to me for free!

FREE Initial Consultation

FasterEFT / NLP / Hypnosis

Overcome trauma, abuse, grief and loss, relationship problems, phobias, stress, addictions, over-eating.


Nutrition for Life

Get healthy, lose weight, prevent and perhaps even reverse disease with diet.


Life Coaching

Set and achieve goals. Positively set about fulfilling your dreams.


Book a Free 30-Minute Initial Consultation

Book a free no-obligation thirty-minute consultation with me, so that you can ask questions and pick my brain. This will give us both an opportunity to decide whether we are a match in your particular situation, and whether we can work together, or I can refer you to other resources which may assist you in your goals.

Neu Lyf operates world-wide by offering consultations and sessions in person or via Skype.

FREE Initial Consultation