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Faster EFT / Eutaptics

What is FasterEFT / Eutaptics?

Eutaptics, or FasterEFT (FEFT), is an emotional-healing technique created by Robert G. Smith and is based on the understanding that the mind and body are one, and that health is a natural state: You are not broken! You may just be really skillfull at creating what you do not want! And we can change that!

FEFT is a synthesis of the work of a number of healing geniuses, including accupressure-tapping pioneers Dr Roger Callahan (TFT) and Gary Craig (EFT), Dr. Larry Nims (BSFF), Richard Bandler and John Grinder (NLP), who modeled the practices of Dr. Milton H. Erickson and others. I continue to add to this powerful healing toolbox techniques developed by the likes of David Snyder (NLP Power) and Stephen Parkhill.

NeuLyf FEFT Session Videos

Vicky kindly permitted me to film and post a couple of FasterEFT/Eutaptics sessions, so that you can see how tapping works, and get an idea of what it is like to work with me.

This first session is a short one, dealing with the sort of issue that a life- or success-coach might enounter with a client: fairly strong negative emotion, but not major trauma.

I break down and explain some of the structure of a FEFT session, so you have more insight into what is going on. This session is no-content.

This second video is a full session with Vicky, dealing with a more deep-rooted, family problem.

I kept this one fairly no-contect as well. You could perhaps tap along and substitute your own family trauma.

What can you expect from a typical NeuLyf FEFT session?

  • You will have spent about 30 minutes discussing your needs and desires with me during your free initial consultation.
  • If we decide that it would be a good idea for you to begin with a FEFT session, I may give you a questionnaire to complete prior to your session (if you feel you are able to write about your issue) which will allow us to spend more time doing healing work.
  • You will have to be brave! You will be in a safe environment in which I will ask you to begin to look at, and feel, whatever it is that you desire to be free from. We are able to do this very gently, if necessary, and you remain in control as we peel off the layers of pain, until all you are left with is a beautiful pearl!
  • A normal session lasts an hour and a half: we ideally want to work until you have a completeley new perspective on the problem you came in with, and feel totally peaceful.
  • If the issue you come in with is extreme, or deep-rooted, or ongoing, then one or two follow-up FEFT session may be required to clean things up completely.
  • You will have to be diligent! You will have new perspectives that you could never have imagined, and it will be your job to rehearse these until they are embedded in your subconscious mind (using the techniques I will explain to you), and until your outer world reflects your new inner one! (This is the Law of Attraction.)

You can then continue on your own at this stage, with your new skills and a bunch of free material to study, but I will probably recommend that you purchase a package of 1-to-1 Success Coaching sessions, and/or join the NeuLyf Mentoring and Master Mind Community: The skills I will teach you, and the Master Mind you will be a part of, will support you as you set your goals, and then achieve them one my one! Contact me for more details.

“You’re not broken, you’re doing something right. You’re successfully manifesting what you have been imprinted with. If you’re the creator of your memories, you can change your life by changing your memories.”

– Robert G. Smith, Creator of Eutaptics / FasterEFT

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