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About Neu Lyf

About Neu Lyf

Who Am I?

My name is Bruce Cartwright, and I am the founder of Neu Lyf.

I’m a Southern African currently living in the North of Ireland, and I am passionate about bringing health and a sense of well-being to myself and others by learing how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, and encouraging others to do the same.

Neu Lyf is currently a single-person endeavour, but the plan is to extend it to include a number of approved emotional-healing practitioners, nutritional advisers, and coaches.

Ethos & Aims

Neu Lyf exists to bring emotional and physical health, happiness, and fulfilment to people who need and want them, regardless of socio-economic background or any other distinction.

We aim to create a hub from which to spread as much health, happiness, peace, and compassion as possible to sentient beings throughout the world, and to work towards leaving our planet in a fit state for our children and children’s children to live and thrive in.


Neu Lyf offers a range of free and paid-for resources including:

  • Original Blogs & Videos
  • Physical & Online Workshops & Forums
  • External Resource Recommendations:
    • Many resources will be free
    • All products are posted because we believe they are valuable
    • Sales of some products will earn Neu Lyf a commission (See _Affilliate Disclosure_ for more details)

For notifications of new free events, videos, blogs, etc., you can keep an eye on the neulyf.com ‘News’ page and the Neu Lyf Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our monthly news letter: just submit your email address at the bottom of the page!

Please Support Us

If you appreciate what we do, you can support Neu Lyf by:

  • Purchasing one-to-one consultations
  • Attending workshops (many of which will be free)
  • Being sure to buy recommended products that appeal to you by clicking on the links provided on this site
  • Spreading the word: telling others about your experience, sharing the free materials, re-posting, re-tweeting, leaving reviews, etc.

Help us to help you and others by getting involved. Book one or more one-to-one sessions, if you need to. Attend a free workshop. Share a blog or video. Spread a life-saving message!

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