Bruce is kind, patient, and highly skillful! He connects to you and provides the comfort you need to work the issue, no matter how difficult it is. He walks you through each step and makes you feel like you are talking to a friend.

The sessions I had with him have been helpful in immeasurable ways. I highly recommend booking a package with him to move forward with your goals!

Letitia Bates , Virginia, USA (Author of ‘I CAN: 12 Keys to Achieve Personal Success in The SMARTEST Way’)
In a desperate attempt to help my 15 year old daughter overcome her fear of dogs, I took her to see Bruce. She has been terrified of all dogs since a traumatic incident when she was only 3 years old. As a teenager, her fear was holding her back in life. After seeing Bruce she is transformed… she has acquired a new confidence generally. Recently she even volunteered to go as a helper on a school trip to France… mixing with new people, singing solo, even swimming in a lake… all of which would have been unheard of before and most significantly, no fear of the possibility of encountering any dogs… previously her first thought, and the reason why she could not and would not go anywhere without me. Sincere thanks to you Bruce.
Madeline Q., Northern Ireland, UK

I was very comfortable. You were a very assuring supportive professional. Real caring nature. I was completely at ease. My relationship with [my daughter] has changed dramatically after exploring the emotions connected with my childbirth experience. Thank you x

Kriss S., Northern Ireland, UK

Bruce has been a wonderful God send.

In the time that Bruce has been my FasterEFT/Eutaptics practitioner and success coach, I’ve gone from someone with a very low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and medicated for bipolar to someone who has now been medication free for one year.

Bruce took everything I said into consideration and never disregarded anything I was struggling with. He took all my issues seriously and gave me a lot of support and encouragement and wonderful advice. Bruce is kind and always patient. He taught me to tap away fears! Something I never thought possible and am eternally grateful for this.

Thank you Bruce.

Audrey J., Zimbabwe, Africa
I highly recommend Bruce as a FEFT practitioner for his insightful guidance, and gentleness, leading me to change my ingrained beliefs, that now don’t serve me well, for much better ones.

His questioning brings clarity and the technique he uses is effective.

Each time I have been left in a more hopeful frame of mind and free to move on from where I’d been stuck before.  Do engage his services.

Thank you Bruce.

Vicky S., England, UK

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